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Elo-Cap UE

Diameter 29 mm
Range Standard, Maxi, Mini
Board quality PE, EVOH

GA Brick Aseptic 250mL Base

The original aceptic drink box that revolutionized consumption, distribution and retailing. Asia’s best selling package and a teenage favorite in many markets.

GA Brick Aseptic 200mL Slim

The most sold portion pack format in the world. The optimum package shape for efficient ratail shelf display. The perfect volume and the right slim shape for easy handling.

GA Brick Aseptic 200mL Base

Classic in shape, durable and sturdy in distribution. This portion pack format is favored for drinks, juices, creams, and concentrates where space and distribution efficiency comes at a premium.

Diamond® — premium class high quality paperboard packaging material

Diamond® — is a premium class paperboard packaging material. Freshness and product naturality are key values underlying in the heart of developing of this kind of package which not diminishing its functional advantages. A bigger round upper panel – so-called Diamond “smile” – allows to place a large cap on it. Owing to that design it is easier to open a package and pour out especially pulp products.

Diamond® – is a premium class high quality paperboard packaging material which do not require to poor over contents. The package ensures brand awareness and enhances advertising effect.

Additional panel Curve®

A classic design of Pure-Pak paperboard packaging material is to be upgraded by a panel Curve which attracts much attention as well as attributes brand emotionality.
The additional panel Curve is widely used for products range upgrading as well as advising customers of new arrivals and advertising purposes.

Classic paperboard packaging material Pure-Pak®

Classic paperboard packaging material Pure-Pak® has embodied the best of Elopak heritage. Gable top packages are unique packaging solutions for a premium class food segment which preserves freshness, natural properties, quality and flavor of product.