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GA Brick Aseptic 1000mL Slim

A classic package that meets the demand for the world’s most sold family pack type. Aseptically packaged dairy, beverage andjuice products offered in slim family packs for the modern consumer.

GA Brick Aseptic 1000mL Base

The original aseptic family package. A package favoired for its distribution efficiency, cost and value profile. The ideal volume package for first price products.

GA Brick Aseptic 330mL Slim

A larger Slim shaped portion pack for bigger thirsts. A successful size in markets where large portion packs meet the right price point, and volume/price promotions spur sales.

GA Brick Aseptic 250mL Slim

A classic take on the traditional portion pack size. A Slim pack for juice drinks, beverages, and milk, produced in a retail shelf space-efficient format.

GA Brick Aseptic 250mL Base

The original aceptic drink box that revolutionized consumption, distribution and retailing. Asia’s best selling package and a teenage favorite in many markets.

GA Brick Aseptic 200mL Slim

The most sold portion pack format in the world. The optimum package shape for efficient ratail shelf display. The perfect volume and the right slim shape for easy handling.

GA Brick Aseptic 200mL Base

Classic in shape, durable and sturdy in distribution. This portion pack format is favored for drinks, juices, creams, and concentrates where space and distribution efficiency comes at a premium.